A new Company created in UAE to distribute the products and services of some IT companies and expert technicians. Our considerations is that the experiences of various top-level companies, installed worlwide, may cover a great interest in the world starting with Arabic and European clients.


Web Sites

Why you need a website

A website is in its fullest form, an interactive communication tool between a structure (business, banking, public administration, merchant, ..) and an almost infinite number of subjects who consult it.

The biggest failure of a site is its Obsolescence. A site containing obsolete data is not only useless, it is harmful!

Request for quote

We propose two solutions:

a) a pre-configurated website type (watch below what are our proposals)

b) a customized proposal. In this case, please click on “Request for quote” at left

Requirement analysys

In this interactive phase, which will be done via the Internet between ALUM and customer, is necessary to define:

Fast Support

What the Client want to communicate

Fully Responsive

To whom he wants to communicate (type users)

Free Updates

Available Budget

Superfast pages

the site will ensure the rapid flow of pages, by talking the necessary techniques to achieve the goal

It is the most delicate phase, which requires a continuous interaction with the client, up to a solution that fully meets him


Our technicians are able to create multilingual site developed for the various needs of customers, connecting them to document management solutions and workflow management

The maintenance and management

ALUM is able to provide ongoing support for the management of the site and for the continuous updating of information, to eliminate the risk of obsolescence